Anchor Glass Container Corporation Successfully Completes Refinancing to Strengthen Balance Sheet and Support Future Growth




Anchor Glass Container Corporation (“Anchor Glass”) is pleased to announce that it has successfully strengthened its balance sheet by amending and extending its term loan credit agreements and asset-based revolving credit facility.

As a result of the transaction, Anchor Glass will have meaningful incremental liquidity. In addition, the maturity dates of all three agreements have been extended by approximately two and a half years, with a company option to extend the term loan agreements for an additional six months.

The transaction was executed with solid support across the entire capital structure, including the holders of over 99% of its first-lien term loans and over 95% of its second-lien term loans, 100% of asset-based revolving credit facility lenders, and its equity sponsor CVC Capital Partners.

“The successful extension of our credit facilities is a testament to our strong relationships with key lenders and our equity owners, and their confidence in the continuing success of Anchor Glass,” said CEO Nipesh Shah. “Anchor Glass will continue its journey of investing in people, processes, and assets.”


About Anchor Glass

Anchor Glass is a leading North American manufacturer of premium glass packaging products. Anchor Glass has long-standing relationships with blue chip companies across the beer, liquor, food, beverage, ready-to-drink, and consumer end-markets. The company employs approximately 1,700 people and operates six glass manufacturing facilities located in Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Minnesota, New York, and Oklahoma. For more information, please visit


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